Getting Personal, Publicly

IMG_0603Hello my Lovlies!!

Harrison Street is about to release a new album full of original music and I’m super excited about it! I am also proud of the songs themselves, the lyrics, the music, the voicing of the instrumentation, the little extras that Bill is adding in as he mixes them, everything!  It’s going to be great! I feel really fortunate to have these little creations that floated around in my head come to fruition in such an incredible way.

I remember when I first started writing songs, it was extremely intimidating and quite a vulnerable experience. Is this going to sound too dorky or too campy?  Well….    Lets’ face it, I know I’m not the hippest cat on the block, but I eventually learned to embrace my style of writing and of course, I had the sweetest guys to work with. They made me feel more comfortable, and helped me turn the ba dum, dum, bada bada boom-bops I was saying into actual instrumental parts. (I think it certainly helps that I pay them, so they had to go along with me on some level. Schwew!)  There was some warranted mockery of my early recordings, but we made it past them, fortunately. Work with me here, fellas! And now, low and behold, we have an album full of original music!  Yay us!

How do these things happen? Where does the magic start? Well, the lyric writing is my favorite part. It’s what comes first in the process for me as an English Minor and a hack instrumentalist. I like telling a story, creating a character, and giving that character voice and personality.  Naturally, a lot of the lyrics are created from some sort of catalyst, be it a life event, someone or something someone said, or just some random something that stuck with me and I remembered to write it down or sing it into my phone to be mocked later by those that shall remain nameless.

I’d like to share the stories and maybe the intentions and meanings behind these songs.  Let you all, get to know them!  I’m going to do a series of “erin’s antics” that goes behind the lyrics and lets you see them in their underwear.  (You’re welcome for that visual.)

See you all shortly!  (fully dressed, of course!)

 Love ya,


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