Erin McCawley’s Harrison Street Band

                  INTERNATIONAL BLUES CHALLENGE                  SEMI-FINALIST 2020

Winner of the 2019 Minnesota Blues Society’s Road to Memphis Challenge

Winner of the 2017 Famous Dave’s
Battle of the Blues Band

Singing, songwriting, sass-bringing Erin McCawley and her Harrison Street Band know how to entertain and energize the crowd with blues styles from Chicago to Louisiana and everything in between. Erin sings with the confidence and soul as if each song was the story she was born to tell and with a voice that seem to rise up from the soles of her feet. Her genuine sense of personal freedom empowers her audience and draws them in to each performance; then with clever lyrics, radiant joy, and raw emotion, she holds them there. She is backed by an incredible band of talented musicians: Tony Houle on Guitar, Robb Stearns on bass, and Bill Whelan on drums. They are often joined by Joey Gagliardi on harmonica, and Paul Wigen on keys. Together, they have released a third album of original music; “Live at A440.” Listen, and you may hear the blues, but you won’t leave with ‘em!”


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Harrison Street Band Performs at Lowertown Blues and Funk Festival via Pioneer Press
Harrison Street, Lowertwon Blues Festival
Pioneer Press Harrison Street Band
Harrison Street, Pioneer Press, Lowertown Blues Festival
Harrison Street, Bayfront Blues Festival
Harrison Street Band
Harrison Street Band Performs on WCCO - Get Down With Blues 'N' Funk In Lowertown
Harrison Street Band, WCCO Mid Morning Show