Harrison Street invites you to their front porch blues where they welcome friends, express their souls and have a good time. Erin McCawley might play a washboard while she pours her singin’ soul out for you with the help of guitar slingin’ Tony Houle, bass man Robb Stearns and rhythm-master Bill Whelan.

Since 2011, this band has been embracing their audiences. They really know how to connect with the audience on a soul level, sharing the joy, passion, and energy along with all the best that music has to offer.

So clap your hands and hoot and holler because you might hear the blues, but you won’t leave with them!


A note from Erin McCawley:

Harrison Street… Sound Familiar?

There was probably a Harrison Street in the town you grew up in, there was in mine. In fact, I grew up right on Harrison Street in the town of Douglas, Wyoming. So yeah, it sounds REAL familiar to me! That’s a major reason why I named the band Harrison Street.

But there’s more to it than that.

I first discovered my ability, soufulness, and joy of singing through the mentoring of a man named David Anderson. He came to our little town as a high school choir teacher and introduced us to Jazz, Gospel, Blues and essentually, the true PASSION of music and singing. He got rid of the choir robes and put us in black dresses and tuxedos. He put microphones in our hands and boogie in our shoes! It was on that stage, that I got my first standing ovation from a sold out auditorium, and I knew I was given a gift that could move people. It was also on that stage I remember thinking “this is it, THIS is my element.”

So what’s this have to do with the name Harrison Street? Well, when Dave Anderson started the first vocal Jazz esemble, he called it Hamilton Street, the street the high school was on. I couldn’t rightly take that name, but I still wanted to pay homage to the man and his passion that taught me so much. Thanks Dave, this one’s for you.