Quote of the Day part 4

“Oh boy! Something BIG’s goin on!”  – Tug Schwindt

I’d like to introduce you to someone absolutely wonderful:  My Gramma, Tug.


Her name at birth was Harriett, but she was called “Tug” shortly after and so Tug it was, forever more.  She was an incredible, spunky gal with messy hair, dirty glasses, and a big, hardy, and abundant laugh. She had this wonderful and engaging sense of awe and curiosity for the world around her.  Her joy and enthusiasm for the smallest things made for a wonderful experience no matter what you were doing.  And boy could she talk!  She had all the stories, because she had been enthusiastically collecting them all her life.

Gramma was visiting us there in Douglas, Wyoming, and let me tell you, Douglas is NOT a big town.  Nothing really BIG goes on in this town except maybe the State Fair, and even THAT is not really BIG when you compare it to other state or even county fairs. However, on this particular day, on that particular corner of that particular block, there was a little something big going on.  They had a dunk tank, a clown, and some BBQ.

It was Jackalope Day.

(Douglas, Wyoming is the “Home of the Jackalope” but we’ll get into that another time.)

Gramma was so excited, “Oh boy!” as she looked out the window smiling at all the goings-on.  Then we laughed and talked ALL about it – with great enthusiasm!

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