Welcome to erin’s antics!

Well isn’t this going to be fun?!

Listen. the idea of a “blog” makes me cringe.  I just can’t do it. But the idea of being able to tell you all about some cool stuff, no interruptions – I’m the worst at even interrupting myself, I’m a rabbit trail enthusiast – now THAT sounds cool.

So…  this probably should be band or at least music related, and there will be some of that, but I am a multi-dimensional person!  Don’t fence ME in! Which is just to say, I will be telling you about other things like… my favorite quotes, beers, breweries, artists, etc., as well as giving you some back ground into my music writing, lyrics, and other favorite musicians. I already have so many ideas! Stick around, people.  This is going to be the funnest non-blog ever! whoop whoop!

I look forward to chatting it up with you, and as they say in 7th grade yearbooks:

Stay cool,




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