Harrison Street (Self Titled)

This album hit the scene on July 23rd, 2018 and its being played on radio stations across the country including Bluesville on Sirius XM.

After a lot of hard work, Harrison Street released their second, and self-titled album full of original music written by the No Drama Mama and front woman, Erin McCawley, and arranged by Erin and the Harrison Street Band. It is currently available on Amazon.com, iTunes, and at their live shows throughout the Twin Cities.

The entire album is a cocktail of female perspective and empowerment, served straight up, hold the bitters. However, it is something men can sip on as well. “You say you wanna leave me? Well I will help you pack!” which is the first line of Run Away, is an example of that unwillingness to be a sad-sap victim.  She also embraces female sexuality in songs like Rain Dance which drips sensuality while staying whimsical in Quit That Man. Tongue-in-cheek humor is often used in her writing, and yet, there is something very genuine about the way she delivers each piece of music.  Every song stays true to the style, and Erin sings each one with the same confidence, power, and authenticity as if it was the story she was born to tell.  As she says in a line from the first track, No Drama Mama, “If you have your doubts about the way I feel, well listen up, honey! ‘Cause this is for real!”

Erin is backed by a band of equally talented and hard-working musicians that skillfully and soulfully set the mood of each piece, creating the scenery around each story. At the core of the band there is Tony Houle on lead guitar, Robb Stearns on bass, and Bill Whelan on drums, as well as the occasional addition of Paul Wigen on piano and organ, Joe Gagliardi on harmonica and guitar, Tommy Stevens on trumpet, and Sam Brooks on sax.  All of which are on the album along with guests Virgil Nelson on Hammond organ, Max Graham on mandolin and acoustic guitar. Rhythm tracks were recorded at Barking Jacks Studio in North St Paul, MN and engineered by Jeremy Johnson.  All of the mixing and over-dubbing was completed at Gordon Ave Studios in St Paul, MN by Bill Whelan then sent to Jim May of St. Paul for mastering.  The album was self-produced by Bill Whelan and Erin McCawley.

“A vocalist that grabs your attention no matter where you’re standing. Erin McCawley is one of the best the Twin Cities has to offer.” – Gary Eckhart, Blues photographer, writer for Blue Monday Monthly and 2016 MN Blues Hall of Fame Inductee.

“With a tightly rehearsed band behind her, Erin McCawley escorts you on a ride of many styles of music, all while mesmerizing you with her beautiful, well-trained voice. She doesn’t just sing, she’s a singer!”- Harold Tremblay (Hurricane Harold), musician and KFAI “House Party” Personality

All of the songs except “Funky Way to Treat Somebody” by Calvin Arnold, were written by Erin McCawley and arranged by Erin and the Harrison Street Band.

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No Drama Mama

Quit That Man